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Zuidema Wines is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in working with small wineries to help them create an environment of success and achieve their full quality potential. Guided by Rudy Zuidema, acclaimed winemaker and vineyard consultant with nearly 30 years of experience, our consulting services range from enhancing existing winemaking programs to completely building in-house teams from the ground up for new start-up wineries.

Rudy brings a gentle, non-manipulative approach to winemaking that leads to powerfully structured wines with layers of character and vineyard-inspired complexity.  His focused winemaking practices and techniques consistently produce increased aromas, concentrated flavors, and lengthened finishing textures in wines that become beautiful expressions of our clients’ brand.

We also know that making great wines isn’t always enough in today’s competitive marketplace. Those great wines also need to be sold. Whether we are working with our clients to develop effective PR and marketing campaigns, helping them to build distributor relationships, or networking with our numerous trade and press contacts, we have the expertise and connections to help our clients succeed.

Vineyard Management

Wines of the highest quality can only come from healthy, balanced, and well-cared-for vineyards.  Though we specialize in biodynamic, organic and sustainable viticulture, we are equally adept at conventional farming. Ultimately, the scope of our services depends on the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for comprehensive vineyard consulting, or would like our team to completely manage your vineyard, we invite you to learn more about how Zuidema Wine Company can work for you.

As a Napa Valley vineyard management and consulting company, we are fortunate to work with exceptional vineyard sites and grow world-class fruit. We love what we do and approach our work with joy and integrity. It is always our goal to achieve the highest standards of quality, stewardship, and profitability for our clients.

    Biodynamic Farming

    sprouting vinesThis concept was conceived by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher, who recognized the nutritional depletion of soils and loss of quality in produce and livestock on farms who introduced newly fabricated chemicals and fertilizers after the industrial revolution.  His concept was the first to develop a holistic, grassroots farming plan to encompass annual cycles and soil replenishment as an alternative to industrialized agriculture.

    Biodynamics is a method of farming that includes the forces, rhythms, and impulses of the entire universe.  Just as plants depend on the day and night cycle of the sun, there are many other important impulses in the cosmos that affect the outcome of a living organism.  The goal of the practice is to achieve balance and harmony between the physical and less tangible realms of our system.

    The forces of the sun, moon, planets, and stars have been reaching Earth in regular patterns and rhythms since the beginning of time.  Understanding and honoring these rhythms and their effects help us time our farming practices to take full advantage of their forces and remain in harmony with them.

    We Love Our Partner Vineyards!

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