About Amy

Amy was born in Mountain View CA at a time her dad was studying at Stanford and her mom was beginning a nursing career. After bouncing around University towns across the country while her dad was a professor, Amy gained five siblings and the family eventually settled in Danville, CA. Amy attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, studying Human Development and Psychology. She graduated in 1994 and worked as a market analyst for a large department store chain. Then by chance she met Rudy, and it changed both of their lives at once, forever, and for the best. After an exciting courtship rallying between San Francisco and Napa Valley adventures, Amy and Rudy married in St. Helena in 1998. Amy continued in marketing for Robert Craig Winery and Araujo Estate, before establishing Zuidema Wine Company. Working for themselves and together allows Amy the time, flexibility, and focus on their wonderful family with four amazing, beautiful children who are their joy and inspiration.